Corporate Film


Our collaboration involved creating a corporate film, along with 5 video capsules and professional photoshoots, for GALVAMED, an industrial galvanizing company based in Morocco. Our team worked closely with GALVAMED to produce high-quality visual content that accurately showcases their business and services. We are proud to have been a part of this project and look forward to continuing to provide top-notch video production services to our clients.


Industry overview


The JK Media produced a corporate film and professional photography for SOMATREF, a manufacturing company based in Morocco that specializes in producing drawn and galvanized wire. The collaboration lasted for 45 days and resulted in the creation of two corporate films.
The corporate film showcased SOMATREF’s production process and highlighted their expertise in the industry.


Industrial film


We are a prominent film production company that recently produced a captivating corporate film and two cinematic trailers for The Moroccan Omnium of Fishing. This collaboration lasted for over 35 days, during which we filmed 60 large trawlers, 4 factories, and even created a sailing simulation with the captain and crew over the vast Atlantic Ocean. The result was a stunning visual experience that truly captured the essence of the Moroccan fishing industry.


Institutional film


The corporate film showcases Coficab’s global presence and expertise in manufacturing high-quality electrical cables and wires for the automotive industry. It highlights the company’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. The film features footage of Coficab’s modern factories in Tangier and Kenitra, showcasing the company’s advanced technologies and skilled workforce. Overall, the film provides a comprehensive overview of Coficab’s operations and values, positioning the company as a trusted and reliable partner for automotive manufacturers worldwide.

The corporate film was produced by JK Media, a professional film production company that specializes in creating high-quality corporate videos for businesses across various industries.


Exploring the Frontiers of Science (60 Capsules) 

The Quest for Knowledge

Our collaboration with MAScIR, the Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Science, Innovation, and Research, has produced a breathtaking collection of over 60 video capsules that showcase the limitless possibilities of science. With a shooting period that lasted for 60 days, we captured the cutting-edge of technological advancements in fields such as nano-technologies, biotechnologies, energy, and more. In addition, we implemented a photoshooting section entitled Trambinoscope, where we captured stunning portraits of all the members of the foundation. Join us on a journey of discovery and innovation as we explore the world of advanced research like never before. Witness the incredible work being done by MAScIR and discover what science can achieve beyond limits.

Two capsules from 60

We present you two from 60 capsules. For more information, please visit MAScIR’s website

A Cinematic Journey Through Science

A cinematic journey through the world of science as we showcase the incredible research being conducted by MAScIR. From nano-technologies to energy, optic-photonic to biotechnologies, this collaboration has produced over 60 video capsules that are as breathtaking as they are educational. Embark on a voyage of discovery that will ignite your imagination and leave you wanting more.

Cutting-Edge of Technology

Witness the future of technology with this collaboration between JK Media and MAScIR. From embedded systems to optic-photonic, we have captured the latest and greatest in technological advancements. This collection of over 60 video capsules showcases the incredible innovation happening in fields such as biotechnologies, energy, and more. Join us on a journey of exploration and discover the possibilities of tomorrow.

Unveiling the Wonders of Advanced Research

Delve into the world of advanced research with this collaboration between JK Media and MAScIR. Our team has worked tirelessly to capture the essence of the incredible work being done in fields such as nano-technologies, energy, and biotechnologies. From groundbreaking discoveries to cutting-edge technologies, these video capsules offer a glimpse into a world of innovation and possibility.

institutional film

The institutional film produced by JK Media and MAScIR in 2017 aimed to showcase the cutting-edge scientific research and innovation taking place at MAScIR, a leading research institution based in Rabat, Morocco. The film was produced in both French and English versions and was accompanied by 30 video capsules highlighting specific research projects and initiatives.

The film showcased the state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories at MAScIR, as well as the institution’s talented team of researchers and scientists. Through interviews with key staff members and footage of ongoing research projects, the film emphasized MAScIR’s commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and developing innovative solutions to address global challenges.


Spotlighting Research

The collaboration between JK Media and MAScIR aimed to raise awareness of the institution’s work and promote its research capabilities. Through the production of an institutional film, JK Media was able to showcase the institution’s state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies. The film effectively communicated the importance of research and its critical role in advancing our understanding of various fields. By reaching out to a wider audience, MAScIR was able to raise awareness of its research work and its significance. This collaboration served as a powerful reminder of the importance of research in shaping our world.


The trailer showcase some of the groundbreaking technologies and scientific discoveries that MAScIR has contributed to, with a focus on their relevance to everyday life.

The teaser aims to inspire and educate viewers about the importance of advanced science and innovation, and the vital role that organizations like MAScIR play in advancing these fields.


Making of

A journey 

Our making of video documents our exciting journey with the Moroccan Omnium of Fishing (OMP) from the beginning to the end of our collaboration. This behind-the-scenes video showcases the hard work and dedication that went into creating our corporate film and two trailers for the OMP.

Throughout the project, we had the privilege of capturing stunning footage of over 60 big trawlers, shipyards, and five factories involved in the maintenance and refrigeration of the OMP’s products. Our team braved the challenging conditions of the desert in Tan Tan, Morocco, to capture these incredible shots.

Meknes is Dying

Short Film


Get ready for an epic battle in the heart of Meknes, Morocco with the new trailer for ‘Meknes is Dying’, produced by The JK Media. In this thrilling adventure movie, the Ismailien Empire is under attack by a horde of aliens and zombies, who seek to destroy the city and all its cultural heritage. As chaos ensues and the city teeters on the brink of collapse, a group of heroes bravely stand up to defend their home and their people. Will they be able to push back the invaders and save Meknes from certain doom? Find out in this action-packed movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.


Meknes and its seven defunct doors

Uncovering the Mystery of Meknes’ Missing Doors

Experience the rich culture and history of Meknes, Morocco like never before in our upcoming documentary film – “Meknes and its seven defunct doors.” Produced by a collaboration between La Karouine Film Production and The JK Media, this documentary takes you on a journey through the ancient city to uncover the mystery of the missing seven grand doors. With stunning visuals, captivating stories, and expert commentary, this film offers a unique glimpse into the legacy of the Almohad and Almoravids dynasties, as well as the Ismailian era. Discover the remarkable architecture, traditions, and lifestyle of the people of Meknes, and learn about the city’s fascinating history that has shaped its present-day culture. This is a must-see documentary for anyone who is interested in history, culture, and the beauty of Morocco. Join us as we journey through Meknes and its seven defunct doors, and experience the magic of this enchanting city brought to you through the collaboration of La Karouine Film Production and The JK Media.

Idea and presentation : Zian Ali / Documentation : Bouteibe Abdelatif.


This is us

Motivational Video

This is Us” is a heartwarming and inspiring video created by JK Media to pay tribute to the House of Words organization in Morocco. The video highlights the important work done by this organization in empowering and supporting underprivileged individuals through education and literacy programs. Through powerful visuals and impactful narration, the video underscores the resilience and strength of these individuals, who are determined to overcome adversity and pursue their dreams. Overall, “This is Us” is a powerful call to action for viewers to support the House of Words and help make a positive difference in the lives of these deserving individuals.

Yakya (Sourat Wadha)

RAP video music

RAP film music of the call of Yakya (EL MOSTAPHA ABBADI ) to all his fans about the earth is about to reverse the rotation and the appearance of the expected hero who will emerge from ashes.

Experience the dynamic collaboration between The JK Media and Yakya in their latest rap music video. From comedic scenes to dramatic fights and social commentary, the video showcases the diverse talents of both artists. With stunning visuals of Meknes city’s winding alleys, grand landmarks, and colorful street art, this cinematic masterpiece is a feast for the senses.

An Artistic Masterpiece

The video’s cinematic shots and stunning visuals make it a true work of art. The combination of the music, the visuals, and the lyrical content of the rap track creates a powerful and unforgettable experience. The video is a testament to the creativity and talent of the production team, who have expertly captured the essence of Meknes city and Moroccan culture in a single masterpiece.

A Journey Through Meknes City

The music video for Yakya’s latest rap track takes us on a journey through the rich cultural history of Meknes city. From the winding alleys of the ancient medina to the grandeur of the imperial palace, we are treated to a visual feast of the city’s material history. The shots of historical monuments and landmarks, including the Bab El Mansour gate and the Agdal Basin, are captured in stunning detail and showcase the intricate craftsmanship of the city’s artisans.

The Blame

Short Film

In this gripping short film from The J.K Media, we meet a protagonist who has been living in blissful ignorance, convinced that life is beautiful and all is right with the world. But when he finds himself alone in space, bleeding and facing the earth, he is forced to confront the harsh reality of the damage humanity has caused. As the earth transforms into a sad, blame-filled teenage girl, the protagonist must grapple with the weight of his own responsibility and seek redemption for the sins of his fellow humans. With stunning visuals and a powerful message, “The Blame” is a must-see for anyone interested in environmentalism, responsibility, and the power of redemption.

A Haunting and Emotional Journey into the Heart of the Climate Crisis : 

In this beautifully crafted short film from Moroccan director Jihad Khalaf, we are taken on a haunting and emotional journey through the eyes of a protagonist who must face the stark reality of the damage humans have caused to our planet. As he finds himself alone in space, facing a bleeding and damaged earth, he is forced to confront the blame and responsibility that lies with humanity. With stunning visuals and an evocative score, “The Blame” is a powerful reminder of the urgent need for action to address the climate crisis.


Fitness Club

The JK Media collaborated with Fit-house, a fitness club located in the city of Fes in Morocco, to create a promotional video that showcases the different facilities and amenities available at the club.

The video is 2 minutes and 40 seconds long and features a French voice-over that describes the various areas of the fitness club, including the gymnastics areas, athletic areas, workout spaces, and spa. It’s likely that JK Media Production worked closely with the staff at Fit-house to ensure that the video accurately reflects the different aspects of the club and effectively communicates its unique offerings to potential customers.