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We are The JK Media, a production company of young creative people in Morocco, we realize all production services which are institutional film, corporate, promo, short film, motion design, and documentaries.We invite you to watch the video below, which contains a resume of our biggest collaborations. And alongside any simplicity, there is always broad knowledge.  (God bless the unity)

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We’ve always strived to be a great company and not necessarily a huge one because we believe an intimate and close relationship is the right way towards supporting our directors, partners, our clients and delivering higher production values. We collaborate nationally and internationally.

70 Arcades

A documentary film of astonishing eras passed through the country of Morocco historically and culturally.  

The documentary film takes viewers on a journey through the history and culture of Morocco, one of the most fascinating and diverse countries in the world. It explores the early civilizations that inhabited the land, such as the Berbers, Phoenicians, and Romans, and how their influence can still be seen today in the country’s customs, traditions, and architecture.

The film also delves into the Islamic Golden Age, when Morocco was a center of learning and scholarship, producing renowned scholars, scientists, and philosophers. It examines how this period influenced Moroccan society, including the arts, literature, and architecture.

In addition to the historical aspects, the film also highlights the modern culture and society of Morocco. It showcases the country’s vibrant music scene, traditional festivals, and cuisine, as well as its bustling cities and stunning natural landscapes. It also delves into contemporary issues facing Morocco, such as the impact of globalization and the challenges of preserving traditional culture in a rapidly changing world.

Throughout the film, viewers will be immersed in the sights and sounds of Morocco, from the bustling markets and ancient medinas to the rugged Atlas Mountains and sweeping Sahara desert. They will hear from locals, historians, and experts, gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for this fascinating and complex country.

Overall, the documentary film is a comprehensive exploration of Morocco’s history and culture, highlighting the country’s unique blend of ancient traditions and modern influences.


A collaboration with one of the most respected industrial incorporated companies in Morocco. SOMATREF (The Moroccan leader in drawn and galvanized wire) A successful collaboration that produced an institutional film as well as an Arabic trailer.

Our collaboration with SOMATREF succeeded by 100 per cent that generates a corporate film with French version (Voice over) accompanied by a trailer and a photography package.


We have had many engagements with several partners from the world We have had the great privilege to be engaged in collaboration with one of the most respected industrial groups worldwide. 




We help brands and agencies solve business and marketing problems by producing beautifully executed content and by creating the right storytelling experiences that engage audiences across multiple platforms. Our vision and values coupled with our guiding principle of providing genuine focus at every level and in all aspects of the business ensure we stand out from the crowd and are the reason why our clients come back for more. We add value to the creation of great entertainment, effective commercials, and captivating content, our members do the best of their work, and creativity is the heart of every project. We add value to the creation of great entertainment, effective commercials, and captivating content, our members do the best of their work, and creativity is the heart of every project.

The Ultimatum

“The Ultimatum” is a gripping short film starring Samir Majlane as the menacing “Antichrist” and Nabil Castan as the desperate “Expected.” The film opens with “Expected” waking up to find his hands bound in front of a chess table. “Antichrist” presents him with an ultimatum: play the game and have a chance to survive, or refuse and face certain death.

The game is played with an ancient clock that represents the time of humanity and a gun that can be used to kill the loser. “Expected” realizes that even with his hands bound, he can still move the chess pieces, and he refuses to play by “Antichrist’s” rules. This only serves to enrage “Antichrist,” who turns to ancient mathematics to summon Lucifer to aid him in his twisted game.

As the film unfolds, the tension builds as the two players face off in a deadly game of chess. With each move, the stakes get higher, and the audience is left wondering who will come out on top. “The Ultimatum” is a thrilling short film that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats until the very end.

As the game progresses, “Expected” begins to realize that the chess pieces represent actual even and system currents in his life, and he must make difficult choices in order to survive. Meanwhile, “Antichrist” continues to taunt and threaten him, reveling in the power he holds over his opponent.

The film’s stunning cinematography and eerie score add to the suspenseful atmosphere, making “The Ultimatum” a must-see for fans of psychological thrillers.

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